Dreamy River

This memorial is located in Fruita, CO off the I-70 freeway. If you are near or traveling, take a minute and stop by. 

So many people died, were mutilated, and/or suffered from PTSD. Please take a moment to remember the fallen. These are people who are just like you, in the respect, they had a life of some sort. They may have had a family to take care of. They may have been someones, sibling, spouse, or child. Thank you, to all that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and to those who support them, too!

Growing up in a military family isn't always easy. There are always rules and regulations to try and live up too. However, it is harder for the families that have lost their love ones in the line of duty to their country. It is so important to love and support our fellow men and women who fight for our country and never to forget the sacrifice of those who have never returned. 

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Change of Responsibility Ceremony

 UH-1H Huey Helicopter

"Majestic Awe"

"Majestic Awe" was taken in Utah. The beauty of the picture involves the stormy looking clouds and the striking red rock formation within the desert with the mountains off in the distance.  It is the perfect picture to enhance your home or office!

Colorado Box Canyon

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"Box Canyon"

"Box Canyon" displays the distinctive vertical lines of the canyon. The placement of the greenery makes this photo stand out and is the perfect picture to let your mind analyze and enjoy!  It was taken in Colorado. 

"Magnificent Tree​"

"Magnificent Tree" is a wonderful representation of nature that can be so lacking in todays society. Look at it! It is so grand and green. It is the perfect picture to liven up your day and perhaps inspire you to connect with nature again. 

Western Slope Vietnam War Memorial Park

New Orleans

Drayton Hall

The Change of Responsibility Ceremony is just as it states. It is the transfer of leadership from one soldier to the other. In this short video, it shows a glimpse into the ceremony. This was filmed for the Headquarters, ​Headquarters Battalion, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson. To see the full length version, click here

The Bellagio Ceiling

A Magnificent Church

Magnificent Tree

"Dreamy River"

"Dreamy River" is a real place here in Colorado! It has an air of fantasy to it. It has a rare beauty to it. The stone bridge, the rapid river and the greenery is fit for any imagination, home, or office!

​"A Magnificent Church"

"A Magnificent Church" was taken on a beautiful cloudless sky in South Carolina. It dominates its surroundings with its exceptional magnificence. It is a great picture of architecture that encourages your mind to reach for the sky!

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"Drayton Hall"

"Drayton Hall" is a plantation in South Carolina. It was completed in 1742. It is a prime example of Georgian architecture. The day this picture was overcast but it still makes for a remarkable addition to your home or office! It is also a wonderful place to visit and if you are around, check it out!

Majestic Awe

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