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Christina Lean - Zip Lining

Branson, MO

Life on the Go!!

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Christina Lean

Is a military brat and has traveled to various places throughout the US and Europe. Loves to capture a moment in time, forever immortalized by a picture. Most pictures are from my Life on the Go! I love to travel! Do you have a great place you would like me to come and visit? Drop me a line and let's see what we can accomplish. Only paid for travel.

Life Motto:

The Earth is my playground and it my duty to, Love, Respect, and Encourage all that life has to offer. Life is to short to take for granted. Love your family and friends with all your might! Respect and care for all living things.  Encourage others to be their best. 

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Christina Lean Photography, LLC., is amateur photography, all photography on this website has been taken by Christina Lean Photography.