A Night at the Theater

Arizona has all sorts of things to do outside but it also has some wonderful things to do inside too! These pictures were taken at the Arizona Broadway Theater, and at the time they were doing Disney's production of Beauty and the Beast. It was a great fun out and fulfilling dinner! Afterwards, my family and I got to meet some of the cast. 

Phoenix Zoo

​The Phoenix Zoo is home to many animals and gets quite a number of visitors every year. There are a couple of exhibits that are a must, when visiting. The first is stingray bay, and you can actually pet the stingrays as they swim by. It is definitely a unique experience because they don't feel like you would think they do. It is also an unusual thing to experience in the middle of the desert! However, if you want to visit the African desert, you don't have to wander very far, to see giraffes and zebras. It is all right here in the Phoenix Zoo and there are definitely lots of things for children and adults alike to do!


The Sinagua people contributed to multiple areas in the Arizonan landscape. Another unique and historical landmark is called Tuzigoot. It is also fun to say! Tuzigoot is close to the Verde river valley. Another fun thing about Tuzigoot is the fact that you can go in and out of the structure. 

Hiking and 4 Wheeling

Chase Stadium

No visit to Arizona would be complete without visiting Chase Stadium and the home team, Arizona Diamondbacks! Chase Stadium is unique in the respect that the roof opens and closes. It is especially good on those nice cool nights after a very hot day. In the pictures below, it features the Diamondbacks against the Detroit Tigers.

Verde River Greenway Natural Area

Normally people go to the zoo to observe animals. A unique thing that happened that day, there was a young service pup that was soaking up a lot of attention from the orangutans! They were absolutely fascinated by the young pup.  It just goes to show humans are not the only curious animals out there. It was absolutely hillarious!


Arizona is often thought of as the land of the saguaro cactus or cacti being plural. However, it also has many different aspects to its topography, such as, mountains, desert, valleys, rivers, and it also is a part of the Colorado Plateau. Arizona is also one of the younger states in the union, as a matter of fact, number forty eight, for those who like to be technical. However, that doesn't usually describe me...ha...ha!! Anyway, my visit to Arizona was action pact and there is so much to see and do. Where to start? 

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​Is a young state compared to the others but it has inhabited people for a very long time. This next destination is outside Camp Verde, Arizona and is called Montezuma's castle. Although, truth be told it isn't Montezuma's property or a castle, really. It is located high above a river called Beaver Creek which drains into the Verde River. It is believed to have been built and inhabited by the Sinagua people.