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Uncle Sams Pancake House is quaint and the breakfast food isn't bad. The staff are eager to please and the neighbor tables may actually talk to you, just because. The major downfall of the place is the parking situation. The parking spots are small and do not tolerate big vehicles so beware if you have one. 

Manitou Springs is an absolutely adorable mountain town outside of Colorado Springs. It has many of the traditional tourist shops and so much more. For instance, there is an apothecary which isn't very common here in the western United States.  There are many different visitors that also contribute to the color of Manitou. Such as, the random hippie on the corner singing whatever, their hearts desires. It has many unique sculptures that also add to the personality of the town. At times it can give the feeling of going back in time because some of the buildings are from the 1890's. 

Can you imagine riding in a stagecoach?

Manitou Springs

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