After a long day of playing in the valley of fire which was totally cool, my next Vegas! Stay tuned...

Marysvale, Utah

The Valley of Fire is such a cool name. It is located in Nevada and is a state park and has been since the 1934. However didn't get it's official designation until 1935. It is a short trek from Las Vegas, NV. Temperatures can get pretty high in the summer but it can be a fun place to visit just bring lots of water. After all it is still desert land. The valley of fire is made up of bright red rocks and during sunset can look like they are the color of fire. It is one of my favorite places to climb around. 


The next day, my destination was Zion National Park!

Well after a long day exploring, I left the park and got lost for another couple hours. If you haven't figured it out yet, my sense of direction sucks, to put it bluntly. It is sometimes half the fun. Sadly, I can find myself in some tricky situations. On the bright side, though, I always seem to work it out. 

The next phase of my road trip, I started towards Utah. My first stop in Utah was Green River. Now, there wasn't any particular reason to be there it was, mainly a pitstop for gas. However, when traveling, you never know what's going to happen or what you are going to see. In this case, I discovered this next picture. It was pretty cool. Also, things to note is the landscape is extremely different, compared to the landscape of Colorado. 

After a nice rested night, the next destination, Zion National Park. Zion isn't too far from Bryce. It has been a home to humans for 12000 years and hosts a diverse population of animals. It has a variety of different elevations and is fun to hike or have a picnic. 

Getting Lost... 

One of my favorite things to see are the wildlife. After all, we as humans are not the only things on this giant rock, we call earth, right? 

I arrived here, in Marysvale, Utah, to get gas. As I looked around, this courthouse from 1903 came into view. I love older architecture and this came out looking amazing! 

Before entering Bryce Canyon National Park

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As leaving the park and heading back to my hotel in Duck Creek Village, apparently, went down the wrong path...again.  I had stayed the night there previously, too and had one more night there. Duck Creek Village is pretty high in the mountains of Utah. Anyway, being directionally challenged,(meaning no sense of direction)  discovered lots of beauty. At one point in my excursion, ended up at the Bryan Head which is an hour a way from Bryce Canyon. Yikes! It was another half an hour to reach my destination in Duck Creek Village!

Bryce Canyon National Park is absolutely beautiful! It has a lot of trails and you can even go horseback riding at the bottom. It has lots of different kinds of rock formations called Hoodoos. They are form from erosion over time. The park was named after a pioneer mormon, by the name of Ebenezer Bryce. The park became an official National park in 1923. 

Bryce Canyon get all sorts of visitors. On my visit, I got to meet some pretty cute visitors. 

Green River

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

The Valley of Fire

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