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This was homebase while here in San Diego. Located at the San Diego Metro KOA. This one was, clean and well kept. Not far from the bay and town. It is also a great family place.  

Most people love the beach nonstop while here but I had other plans. I basically walked from one end of town to the other. There is just so much to see. There are plenty of transportation options if walking isn't your thing but you can miss out on the little things that can be noticed by walking. There is the tram, renting a bike, or riding a bus...pretty much the same in most major cities. 

Las Vegas is home to the famous strip which is lined with various themed casinos. It has all sorts of entertainment for the family, solo traveler, or a group of friends getting together. 

Another thing, Las Vegas is famous for are the many different shows. While I was there, I attended a Ricky Martin concert. He was phenomenal! It was at the Monte Carlo Park Theater. In addition to seeing the great show, I seen another singer visiting.  His name is Cristian Castro and he is a Mexican pop singer. 

I Love This Sign!!

The smell of salty ocean water was intoxicating and the view...well speaks for itself. These were taken at the San Diego Bay. There was something going on in every direction. 

The grounds of Metro KOA has beautiful flowers all around! There is something simplistic yet beautiful with roses. However, flowers in general are lovely to view and makes the environment inviting. 

See ya, Las Vegas! You will always have a piece of my heart! Anyway my next stop was to get gas in the middle of nowhere. However, the gas station I stopped at had a mechanized group of miners. It also had an old fashion wagon. My next destination on this amazing trip is San Diego, California!

Planet Hollywood

Viva Las Vegas!!

There is plenty more to see and share so don't forget to check back! Thanks!

Absolutely  Fantastic Concert!!

A sand sculpture at the camp ground

After the concert, I walked around the strip and stopped into Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops. It literally has a rain storm inside. Totally cool and can get a little wet. The sky changes color and it is probably the closest you can get to having a magical ceiling, similar to a Harry Potter scene. Anyway, great shopping and great environment. 

Roses Crimson, Roses White​

`Roses crimson, roses white,
Deadly pale or lovely blushing,
Both in love with May at sight,
And their maiden blood is rushing
To and fro in hope to hide
Tumult it but thus discloses.
Bring the Bridegroom to the Bride!
Everywhere are roses, roses.'

`Every wall is white with roses 
`Every wall is white with roses,
Linnets pair in every tree;
Brim your beakers, twine your posies,
Kiss and quaff ere Springtime closes;
Bloom and beauty quickly flee.'

`Nay, let me sleep, or, best, be stone or steel 
`Nay, let me sleep, or, best, be stone or steel,
While still endures this infamy of woe.
My one sole bliss is nor to see nor feel:
So, wake me not; and, lest you should, speak low.' 
Alfred Austin​

San Diego, California

I know you wish you could see and hear the ocean, right? Well check out this short video! If you like it then please subscribe and like my short video, there are many more on my channel on Youtube- Christina Lean Photography. Thanks! 

Finally made it to the other end of town, and there is so much more to see!!