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Goodbye, San Diego! Stay tuned...the next destination is Sequoia National Park. Until, we meet again...

My next visit was to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park and it was AMAZING! The view was just so awesome and the ocean was so big. The sounds of seagulls and the refreshing sounds of the ocean weren't to far off. There weren't a lot of people around so it was relatively peaceful, of course I went during the week versus a weekend. I am sure that made a difference, too. Word to the wise though, there aren't any restrooms but Point Loma and La Playa are near by.  Other than that, probably a beachbums dream come true! 

San Diego Continued...

There was so much to see, so I walked around and came across some flowers waving in the wind. 

It turns out that humans aren't the only ones interested in the ocean. As sitting on the bluffs, I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye and it turned out to be this little guy...or girl, watching the waves of the ocean. 

Can you imagine waking up to a view like this everyday? It must be paradise, right? In my opinion and of course very subjective, pretty nice!