Flowers and Plants of Alcatraz

San Francisco, California

My first glimpse into San Francisco was the toll bridge. It was a complete chaos of cars attempting to pay their fares in random order with no specific direction at the start of rush hour. People were cutting in front of other people, it was definitely a great place for road rage to happen. Nobody seemed to be in the proper lanes and there was definitely no person directing traffic. Multiple cars were rear ended in the time I waited my turn to pay my fare to get on the Bay bridge.  If you don't have to go this route, I would highly recommend not too. However, if you like the stress of chaotic traffic system and your car randomly hit, then by all means go for it. It definitely would not be my first choice had I known. 

Anyway, I booked a room at the Hotel Zephyr. The hotel is really close to the bay piers and is a great place to stay if you have a family. There is a game room and plenty of knooks and crannies to read a book or play video games on your own. My room was nice on the inside but was not located in a good spot. They put me by the elevators and all hours of the night people were banging into my door or the elevator was making loud noises all night. So basically, I liked how close the hotel was for shopping and it was designed pretty cool. However, being next to the elevator is not recommended. Anyway, here are some pictures of my room and of the hotel property that I took.

Walking along...what do I see?

Hotel Zephyr

Structures on Alcatraz Island

Birds of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Island

The next day, I took a cruise to Alcatraz Island which housed a couple of famous prisoners. One that is most notable is Al Capone. However, did you know that Alcatraz is known for more than being a prison. At one time, it was home to Native Americans and even further back it was used as a fortress to protect San Francisco harbor. It is also used as a nesting ground and is home to a diverse number of flowers and plants.   

If you were expecting to see sunny pictures the whole time, well I am sorry to disappoint you. Life isn't always rays of sunshine and San Francisco is no different. However, there are so many fascinating places to see and things to discover! Just got to actually, step out in to the real world. You know, step away from the phone or computer and see what is happening around you. You could live out in the boondocks, but there is always something to discover. Right? San Francisco is no different. Actually at times, it felt like San Francisco was made out of a dream the way the fog rolls in and engulfs the city with it's mist. 

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Inside Alcatraz Prison

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Views from the San Francisco Bay