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                   Portland, Oregon portland oregon

The drive from San Francisco, California to Portland, Oregon is absolutely green! That is, of course, in certain months of the year.  Did I actually drive nonstop to Portland? No, I didn't. I actually stayed a night in Ashland, Oregon. Let me just say that it was a cute town and could easily be compared to parts of Switzerland! Anyways, after a nice breakfast and a good night sleep, I was definitely excited to journey on to Portland! First thing first, though, I had to fill up tank with some gas. In most of the country, you can fill it up yourself. However, at the time I went through Oregon, it was state law that they had to have an attendant fill up the tank for you and you aren't even suppose to handle the gas hose. This was soooo strange to me, I have been filling up my own tank since I could drive. It was like stepping back in to time. 

More random pictures...

History and Art are very much alive in Portland!

There are so many amazing and one of a kind neighborhoods everywhere you look! The city of Portland was incorporated in 1851 which in the history of the US is relatively young compared to some of it's counterparts. However, it at one time was a Native American settlement where fishing was a big part of it's history. There are various art works throughout the city. 

Definitely, keeping it real! Right? Portland is definitely weird but in a good way! Nothing but character all the way!

Anyway, on to Portland. Let me just say this city is full of life and always has something new and different happening here! There are all kinds of unique people that just helps makes the city stand out. However, the location and modern advances also contribute to the city. Did you know that there is a cable car called the Portland Areial Tram? It goes high above the city. It looks phenomenal, although in full disclosure I didn't have time to ride it. It however, definitely blew my mind because you don't usually see things like that in the US.  

Here are some more sculptures and a random duck store sign. The duck store honestly leaves me with lots of questions, such as, what kind of products are in there? The building has some interesting molding along side as well. Anybody have questions about the bicycle structure? Who came up with the idea? What is the point of it? Well, personally, I haven't a clue but it does make one think. Maybe that is the purpose. 

A major obstacle in taking some of the pictures of these amazing buildings was the tram cables. Although, a couple times I personally almost got ran over because the trams are pretty silent, which is great in the respect of noise pollution. However, not so great for the random person trying very hard not to get a significant amount of cables in her pictures! By the way, that was just my sarcasm. 

On to our next destination...Seattle, Washington

Where is the best place to be on a Saturday?

Downtown at the Saturday Market! It is located by the river front, and it has all kinds of fun things happening all around. For instance, there are many different foods, merchandise, street performance, and you can occasionally see children playing in nearby fountains. Check out the amazing acrobats that I came across when I was visiting!