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​A great place for the family to visit!! People are just dying to go there. ;-)

New Orleans

Jerome, AZ

Jerome is an old mining town and now is considered a ghost town. It is also a happening tourist destination. 

New Orleans

There are so many great things you can do in New Orleans, such as, walk along the riverwalk or go shopping at the outlet stores.

There are some nice parks such as Jackson Square. While you are there you can hit the St. Louis Cathedral. From there, if you are into drinking and music, then next stop the French Quarter! Just make sure to be drink responsibly! Or you don't have to drink at all, you can take a ride down the Mississippi River and see some interesting places. 

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Seven Falls

Seven Falls was closed for renovations but now it is back open and ready for you to visit! It has a restaurant called 1858. It has a mountain elevator so you can go up and see a great view of the waterfalls. If you are into climbing stairs, the outdoor recreation park has that too. 

You can no longer drive into the park. The parking is located 1.5 miles to the park by the Broadmoor Hotel. Don't worry though, there is a shuttle to and from the parking area. According to the park ranger, it comes every seven minutes. It might fluctuate when it comes to the amount of people there. 

To new beginnings...

Is very diversified. There are many unique places, architecture, flowers, and animals.  Now a days, people tend to add all kinds of filters but they can sometimes obscure the beauty of pure simplicity. Life doesn't always have to be altered. Enjoy it as it is! Thanks for visiting and come back often! 

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Cripple Creek, CO

Is an old mining town. It is a quaint town that has great views and has . The main industry now is gambling. The oldest building on its' mainstream dates back to 1893. It is also a great place to go looking for ghosts, according to the locals because a lot of the places are haunted. Another interesting tidbit is that donkeys have free reign there, meaning that they have the right of way. 

New Orleans- Random Pictures

Metairie Cemetery

This is a beautiful cemetery in New Orleans. New Orleans, is known for the many unique cemeteries because the plots are upright, instead of being buried. 

New Orleans is below sea level and before they started this method, bodies used to come to the surface during floods or storms. Yikes!! Gross!!

These are more efficient in the respect that they act like a crematorium because they get so hot on the inside and the bodies turn to ash. This is good for space saving as well. 

​You can visit on your own or take a tour. I went on my own and had a great time! However, I recommend taking plenty water and sunblock. It tends to get boiling hot when it is sunny out! In the summer that is.  

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Colorado Portfolio

Colorado Portfolio is inspired by various places in my home at the time! I hope you enjoy it at all times of the year. I will be adding to it more and more over the year so check back often!

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