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A New Year

Started with family fun

Goofiness, happiness, nonstop dominos

Many different people all thrown together, then add alcohol and music

You get nonstop comedy and fun to help fuel the beginning of a new year!


To escape, to see what adventure calls to me

The thrill of the unknown

The exhilaration of triumph

Being lost on purpose to find direction

Spinning, running, walking, jumping, smelling, touching, seeing, and hearing anything different


To stay grounded

To be responsible

To walk a straight line

To not be poor


For a purpose

An excitement

Beyond happiness

For adventure

Happy Thanksgiving, 2018!!!

Loves of the past

Shadows arrive in forms of the memories as the the Brian Adams' song, Everything I do, I do it for you plays in the background. 

I am thrown back in time when I was on the cusp of woman hood. The year 1991, I was so infatuated with my first love. 

He was at the time my everything.  His beautiful eyes, brilliantly white teeth, arms that melted the troubles of my day away...who could ask for anything more? 

However, he was also a major problem for my parents. They despised everything about him and would let me know nonstop. Who knew my love would also be one of my greatest stresses thanks to my parents ranting day in and day out?  Parents only believing the worst and not the best of their young woman. A young woman who loved with all her heart, pure, simple, and passionate. 

​Thrown back to reality as the song ends, many years later. Shadows fade away and reality has greatly changed.


So much to be thankful for!

Stuffing made just right. Right out of a box!

Table set for three, the smell of turkey enhancing the air not ready just yet, still cooking. The best kind of cranberry sauce, straight from a can, so nice and smooth. 

Sitting on the rocking chair with my stomach yearning for what to come. Tastebuds are salivating for the future delights.

Black diamonds stare brightly across the room, unsure what to do. Fiddling with the computer...just for a second, and gets up to check on the turkey...can't sit still. Anxiously waiting...

So much to be thankful for...

Guns n' Roses playing in the background of a two bedroom apartment. Cold mash potatoes waiting to be warmed up. Turkey gravy filled with juices straight from the turkey. Plump purple grapes ready to plop juicily into someones mouth.