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Pressure is building 

the explosion and chaos is near

The question is how to calm it?

Hope for the best and maybe...

It won't explode???

No, that won't work and it 

Is very naive to think that way.

Again, how to calm the storm building up inside?

Lay there and take the cowardly way?

Who will look down on you? one...except for yourself.

It will be carried on your shoulders 

Not for a day but for life.

Harsh but true!

Again, how to calm the pressure 

That is building momentum with each

Passing moment? Day by Day.

Minute by minute. Second by second.

HELP! The options are looking bleak.

All alone with no one to help.

Explosion in imminent!

No way to calm the fire storm that

is waiting to be released.

Wait!! What's that you said?

Just let a little out slowly.

Don't rush it or else...

There will be a huge disaster!

​That may work and no explosion.

It will release the pressure a little.

Then time will heal...

No explosion

No chaos

​An the pressure isn't so great

Life is good

For Awhile....

Written by Christina Lean

during a period of great distress. Life can be good, make your own luck!


Slept in a drawer as a baby
As a toddler, played the best instruments... Pots and pans
Lost hearing...go figure...
Didn't have fancy clothes
But had the best hand me downs
Okay maybe not the best...
But I did have grand adventures with my siblings

That is no tale

Friends were hard to keep

Because of parents gypsy feet
Schools were constantly changing
Why try anymore
Parents divorce
Met the love of my life
So I thought

Blessed with the most beautiful angel
What at 16?
School, friends, child

Fast forward

Graduated high school after all,
Paid for own college,
Never been given anything for free,
Raised two kids,
Single mom,
Doing the best she can

Written by Christina Lean

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